Sunday, July 29, 2007

My daughter sold her first manuscript!


I know this is my daughter just sold her first manuscript. It's going to be in a Christmas Anthology.

More details when we know more. She just got notified today that they want it. The title, unless it's changed is Mistletoe Magic. She' writes as Lanie Fuller.

She got the writing gene from me!

In other news.....

My Amazon Short is in the 100 sales ranking...look for Table of Two or click the link to check it out:


In still other news...

We've been having storms all day :( I wanted to take my new author daughter out to dinner, but the storm was nasty!


gwen hayes said...

You have had an awesome weekend. Just wanted to say good job and thanks for the inspiration.

Morgan St. John said...

OMG, who knew?! I didn't know you were related to Lanie Fuller... had actually raised the little devil with your own two hands! How cool. You must be so proud. Congrats...even if this is a little late.

I decided to check up on you after your visit to chat. ;-) Refamiliarize myself with your profile. There are too many to keep track of.