Sunday, July 29, 2007

My daughter sold her first manuscript!


I know this is my daughter just sold her first manuscript. It's going to be in a Christmas Anthology.

More details when we know more. She just got notified today that they want it. The title, unless it's changed is Mistletoe Magic. She' writes as Lanie Fuller.

She got the writing gene from me!

In other news.....

My Amazon Short is in the 100 sales ranking...look for Table of Two or click the link to check it out:


In still other news...

We've been having storms all day :( I wanted to take my new author daughter out to dinner, but the storm was nasty!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen


Trying something new...the Thursday Thirteen. Thought I'd start with 13 facts about me for my first one. Kewl idea, this.

1. I used to be a cop
2. I collect guardian angel figurines
3. I've lived in ten states and Canada
4. I was an EMT for 20 years
5. I wrote my first complete manuscript when I was 8--The Christmas play the school performed that year.
6. I have one child (very much grown up now--she's my writing partner)
7. I write erotic and contemporary romance
8. I hate to cook
9. I usually read at least one book a day.
10. I am an electronic gadget junkie
11. I'm a Romance Diva! (Yeah, Diva's!)
12. I didn't get my Bachelor's degree until I was 40
13. I love sci-fi shows

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ah, the joys of real life! I thought I'd post something about me. I realized that I hadn't yet.

I'm a single mom and my daughter and I often write together.

We live on the Potomac in VA, with a beautiful view of the water!

Believe it or not, I used to be a cop :) (I was hell on drunk drivers!) and an EMT. Most recently, I was an English teacher.

Now, I write full-time because that's where my heart is. (Who needs to pay bills, right? lol)

Post and tell me about you :)


Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Covers


New Covers for my books...Please let me know what you think of them!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Latest Reviews

Oh yeah, one more thing...

Got the latest reviews of my books.

Coffee Time Romance gave Some Lessons Still to Learn 5 cups

and Lessons to Love 4 cups.

Romance at Heart magazine wrote "Masterfully written"

But hey, the reviewers seem to like them! I've gotten three great reviews on each book.

Are you an author?


I'm raving, so feel free to skip this post should you choose.

How many of you reading this write romance? Are you writing for a big NY Giant or a smaller press?

Well, apparently, if you're not writing for the big boys--you're not a published author, per RWA.

It doesn't matter if you review well with your smaller publisher. You're not an author.

It doesn't matter if the books are offered as ebooks or print (as many big publishers do) You're not an author.

It doesn't matter if your book can be found in Barnes and Noble. You're not an author.

Why? Because RWA, in its infinite wisdom has decreed it. The new requirements require advances to become a PAN author. Most of the small presses don't pay advances.

So, why pour your heart and soul into writing a book? That's the question I've been asking myself.

I write for small presses because I choose to do so. I've submitted one story to a large publisher in the last 15 years--and it's still waiting for an answer three months later.

The thought that small publishers only publish crap is just...well...crap. About 4-5% are published from the slush pile. Diamonds in the rough are given a chance they might not otherwise be given, as perhaps an editor has more time to help an author polish the book.

I'm fed up. I'm tired of small publishers being considered not real publishers.

RWA is supposed to support romance writers. Do the members not see the writing on the wall? NY Publishers just can't publish all the books out there--they'd be publishing hundreds a month--just not possible. Does that mean that all authors should just give up? Or should they look at other avenues?

What about those that want to see their book sometime in THIS decade. Is that wrong? Apparently so--because although I've published two books, several short stories, have a story coming out with Amazon in a few weeks--I'm not an author.

Ok, done ranting for the moment.