Monday, May 28, 2007

Reviews Just In


I'm so excited! I just got the reviews back on both my books! I got five roses on both books! Get out the champagne!

Here's what they said for Lessons to Love...

"...Oh my God, I want more by this author. This author hit on all of what I look for in a book like this. I am new to Dom/s stories and there is a fine line that makes it to much for me however "Wow" this author hit right on the mark for what I want and look for. If you have not read this book and love this type of story, I am telling you run and buy this one now will not be sorry." Nicole at

And for Some Lessons Still to Learn...

"...This is a great sequel to one of the best books I have read. It has it all, made me want to know more about the lifestyle for sure. This author writes a story that you can feel yourself in the story or wish you were. If you haven't read this one or the first in this wonderful Story, go and buy them today." Nicole at

I am just in 7th Heaven! This just made my whole week! As an author, we can think what we've written as 'good' but when someone else says it is...just...WOW!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wish me Luck

HI All

Wish me luck. I just sent out a manuscript to Phaze. Hopefully, they will like it! It's about a romance writer that finds her own Hero!

What could be better than finding the man you've written about for years?


Sunday, May 20, 2007



So, why do we blog?

I blog because it lets people read a little about me and my thoughts. I'll admit that I hope it also makes them want to read a book I've written.

It's nice to be able to write in a forum where no one is going to reject your work because of a spelling mistake!

Seriously, though, I think we blog because we live in a great big world and it helps to know that there are others that think what we have to say might be a little interesting. Anyone agree?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

re POD and Vanity Presses


Okay, today I decided to write about one of my personal pet-peeves. There seems to be a huge stigma attached about printing on demand, or POD.

Let me see if I can clear up a few things here on this blog. First, there is a difference between PRINT on Demand and PUBLISH on Demand.

Many small publishers, mine included, print books in small runs--thus, the use of a PRINT on Demand printer is utilized.

The company I publish with doesn't charge the author a dime. It's not a vanity press.

PUBLISH on Demand are usually Vanity Presses. The author pays for the privilege of seeing their book in print. Sometimes up to a thousand dollars.

Some places provide both services- Print on demand AND Publish on demand; Lulu is one such place. Some small publishers use their service to do very small print runs--not to mention Lulu provides another outlet to find books.

So, the writing tip for today: If you're considering POD--make sure it's PRINT on demand; not a publisher that is going to charge you to print your book! POD takes eBook authors a step further, and allows their readers to buy print versions of their books.

POD books look the same--the printer prints what the publisher sends. Real books, real perfect-bound paperback books.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

re Happy Wednesday


The week is half-way over!! New and exciting things are happening. My writing partner and I are half-way done our new book. We'll put up more details soon.

Two new proposals went out today--one to Ellora's Cave, and one to Spice. We'll see....

Today's writing tip: Join sites like and learn from the authors found there. Writing is a lonely process, it's true; but there is a wealth of information on eHarlequin for the writer in you.

For the reader, there is a lot of fun stuff, too--like reading blogs, chats and meet-and-greets with some of your favorite authors.

Book Two of the Lessons Trilogy is finally in print. We'll see how sales go :)

Till later....

Monday, May 7, 2007

New Story Sold


Have a new story that I just was notified sold to CF Publications. The Lessons Trilogy book two is also out now, see Shadowrose Website for purchase.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Keep Writing

Ok, so you've sent off that manuscript. What do you do now? I've spoken to writers that do nothing until they hear back. With some publishers, that could take up to six months!

Don't waste that time--write the next one! You'll have a lot less time to worry about the one sitting on the editor's desk if you're working on the next project!

As to my own Lessons trilogy- book three is almost done. It's sad for me to say goodbye to Cassie and Brandon, but on to new things.

I like series books--especially with the same characters. Probably why I love JD Robb and Linda Howard's Mackenzie series.

What's on your keeper shelf?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

re Writing

Hi Again

I forgot to mention a few things. I'm going to use this blog to talk about writing, and some things to do as well as some things NOT to do.

There are so many aspiring authors out there. They all have the same dream--to see their name on the cover of a book. (or, as in my case, their pseudonym.)

How do you get there, though? Hmm, good question. Over the ensuing weeks, I'll be posting some hopefully helpful tips to other writers.

Today's tip is: Submit what the Publisher Asks For. What does this mean? Simple. If the publisher asks for a synopsis, query and 3 sample chapters; don't send more--but don't send less either!

I've heard editors talk about how they don't receive what they ask for. It's annoying!


Hi Everyone

Welcome to my blog. Here we'll talk about the books I have coming out, but we'll also talk about writing in general for those aspiring authors out there!