Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thursday 13 - 13 Things I HATE!

Thirteen Things I hate by Erin

1… Liver--just smelling it makes me nauseated!
2. Stuck-up people (Don't we all?)
3. Green (I think it comes from a green house where everything inside was green!)
4. NBC for canceling Surface
5. SCI-Fi Channel for canceling Stargate SG-1
6. Books that don't have a happy ending!
7. Movies that don't have the 'right' ending.
8. Winter (I detest cold, and it's only allowed to snow on Christmas Eve)
9. Telemarketers (They should all have laryngitis!)
10. TV Shows that end without an 'ending'
11. Prejudice
12. Waiting months and months on a manuscript submission to be answered.
13. Trying to think of 13 things I hate!

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Book Fair

Hi Everyone!

I'll be at a Book Fair on Saturday August 4th all day from 10-2:30 signing books. I believe I'm at table 47A

The Second Annual Hanover Book Fair is being held at the VFW Post in Hanover, VA.

There will be over 100 authors there, and admission is FREE for readers! Come join the fun. Lots to do, and there are PRIZES, too!

Hopefully, some of you can attend.

Here's the link to the Fair: